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ITP National Convention

The ITP Support Association held our annual Patient Convention and a Medical Seminar for Health Professionals on Saturday 5th April 2014 at the Letchworth Hall Hotell. Both events ran in conjunction with some combined sessions.

This Annual Convention for ITP Patients featured presentations on different aspects of ITP by three leading ITP specialists and an update on the study investigating food intolerance in ITP by a foremost expert in gastroenterology research.

Convention Programme

Research update: Moving towards a better understanding of ITP
Dr Nichola Cooper (Hammersmith Hospital). View presentation here

Is food intolerance a factor causing ITP?
Professor John Hunter (Addenbrooke’s Hospital)

What we have learnt from the childhood ITP registry
Dr John Grainger (Manchester Children's Hospital)

ITP: Its not only about bleeding
Professor James George (University of Oklahoma) View presentation here


Increased international co-operation has resulted in sharing of information, ideas and support and has led to the development of wider support being available for ITP patients. Some of the results of this co-operation arevisible on the social networks, links available here. and links to international support sites in many languages are available here.

Details of past Conventions and Medical Seminars are available here.



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